Like any other animals pets also suffer from conditions like high separation anxiety, cancer, and chronic pain. All these conditions need a perfect medication or supplement that we reduce and even end up relieving the condition. The best product for that work is Thera-pets hemp oil tincture from Natures Root.

Chemical Composition

This CBD based supplement is produced from a combination of products including CBD extracts, some traces of the hemp plant and the cannabidiol extract. All these products are good for reducing the anxiety your pets feel when moved to new places.


The product is good for reducing your pet anxiety that can result due to separation. It can also help in treating chronic pain and cancer.

Apart from, the supplement will leave your pets strong and jovial. The results from this product are quick and instant thus making your pet stress free in just some minutes. Some pets like dogs will experience increased energy and stamina, good attitude and amazing playful spirit in cats.

The product is good if you have moved with your pets from the rural areas to the city where it is disturbed by noise from car, people, and motorcycles.

Why We Love It

–  Made from 100 % pure hemp oil which is industry produced thus giving quick recovery results
–  Heal and relives more than one problem in pets
–  Has some organic olive oil that gives your pet a lifted mood
–  Due to its liquid nature, the oil is easy to give to your pet when compare it with tablets
–  So far no side effects have been reported by this product users


This 30ml product can be used to help your pet stay active. It reduces pains and lifts pet moods.

If you note any type anxiety in your pet, try thera-pets hemp oil tincture!