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What is the Daily High Club?

Check out our in depth review on 11 different monthly subscription packages for cannabis smokers.----------------------------------------------------A looong time age, a group of cannabis enthusiasts joined up to bring the ultimate smoking experience to other cannabis lovers. The Daily High Club.DHC offers a premiere monthly subscription service that you can cancel anytime.Get an impressive selection of smoking accessories every month and there is a box for every budget. From the All-Natural Box, the bad-ass Connoisseur box, to the dollar-high El Primo box.Each stash box is worth its bucks.Each package is stuffed with the latest, specially curated smoking supplies [...]

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The Future of Dabbing: Puffco Peak

The PuffCo Peak is a powerful, intuitively designed rig. The first ever smart rig with a truly striking design. A one-of-its-kind boutique e-rig that sports a unique style, it has a built-in bubbler and a powerful heating element. Change temperature on the fly for topnotch vapor quality, as its smart technology adjusts heat times to give you clouds of the utmost quality. Each part feels premium and well crafted. Unlock the power of your concentrates in the most efficient and enjoyable ways. Get clean and pure flavors on the go, faster and easier than ever [...]

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WeedMaps: 7 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

WeedMaps has been the go-to website to find nearby cannabis retailers. But thats not all they do. Here are the top 7 things you need to know about WeedMaps 1) The phone app is a must, especially when you are on the road and in a jam.  They have an app for apple and android phones. 2) The map view is separated into 3 different markers to show where the provider is located. Dispensaries are indicated with a cannabis leaf, delivery services are indicated with a vehicle icon and Doctors are indicated as stethoscopes. 3) Every [...]

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Daily High Club Smoking Subscription Review

We compared 11 different subscription packages for cannabis smokers.  See how this compares to the others. All-Natural Light one a day $1+$2 S&H Connoisseur Well versed smokers $12 (FREE S&H) El Primo Professional Smokers $30 (FREE S&H)

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Goody Box Smoking Subscription Review

PHOTO BY: Goody Box We compared 11 different subscription packages for cannabis smokers.  See how this compares to the others. The Loot Pack The Essentials $9.95+$3 S&H The Goody Box Includes vape pen or piece $21.98+$6 S&H The Top Shelf Premium piece included $79.98+$6.95 S&H

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Hemper Smoking Subscription Box Review

We compared 11 different subscription packages for cannabis smokers.  See how this compares to the others. The Glassentials Box All the essentials Hemper offers a core box that comes with all the essentials, as the name (Glassentials) suggests.  You pick the how often you want the delivery and you are all set from there! $29.99 + Free US Shipping

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Cannabis Concentrates – Beginners Guide

Since the legalization of marijuana in a number of states in the US, there has been a growing demand for marijuana in different forms. One of the increasingly popular forms is marijuana concentrates. Consumers who prefer the concentrates report that the high kicks in faster, it is more intense, and when used for medical purposes, the relief is immediate. What Are Cannabis Concentrates? How are concentrates different compared to flowers? What Is Used to Make Concentrates? Equipment, Tools, And Compounds Used to Make Concentrates How Are Different Types of Concentrates Made? What do concentrates look and [...]

Cannabis Concentrates – Beginners Guide2018-08-16T15:40:51+00:00

Koko Nuggz (Assorted Flavors)

PHOTO BY: @kokonuggz Koko Nuggz Explained Koko Nuggz are non-medicated gourmet chocolate sweets and are a product of Cali Sweets based in California. But before we get into it, lets talk about the appearance of these treats, which is probably the most awesome thing about them. They are designed to look like real cannabis buds shaped, color and all. And trust me the company did such a good job that no one would blame you for mistaking the snacks for your stash. Gourmet Chocolate Sweet and Addicting [...]

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